September 6 - Lingering Shadows

Marek and Harriet (particularly the former) up incredibly early -- indeed, finishing touches are being put on The Decameron - Second Day: VI simultaneously -- and eventually all

depart for their

respective enterprises...

in present case,

Diabloway for

Quiz 3 with the Theoreticians, with musical examples from Native American song, Gregorian Chant, and the Musica Enchiriadis.  Quite a back-up for passing off the keyboard/solfege aspects of the endeavors, since 32 are presently attending (probably will have to send those whose work is not ready for turn-in to the back of the line, rather than hovering on the sidelines). 

Homeward thereafter, and the enthusiasm is still strong for continuing with The Decameron - Second Day, now composing the first 16 pages of VII. The Soldan of Babylon's Daughter Comes into the Hands of Nine Men (minimalist, spasmodic blues on Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 7: I) -- as well as all the usual tasks (pdf page 2 of Missa California: Credo and detail-edits of Triple Concerto: III [30] and DSD: V [13-14]).