September 2 - Journeys

21st-Century Music update, pdf of Missa California: Gloria (page 12), and detail edit for Triple Concerto: III (26), expecting to review Lisa Scola Prosek's new opera in the evening -- but she calls mid-afternoon to let us know that somehow the event has been oversold. 



can make the pilgrimage to UC Davis,

doing research on the Cage Perilous Night.  Locate it and

Tossed As It Is Untroubled
Root of an Unfocus
Prelude for Meditation
Music for Marcel Duchamp

-- the first three in Volume 1 of John Cage: Prepared Piano Music (Edition Peters) and the second trio in 2. 



point of origin,



after more fun with the telephoto, then go ambitious with The Decameron - Second Day: V. Andreuccio da Perugia Meets with Three Serious Adventures in One Night, by completing it, with 23 new pages, for 27 total -- troped on Igor Stravinsky's The Flood and Cage's Perilous.