September 13 - Wonders

Never ceasing, finish the pdf of Missa California: Credo (9 pages total), continue detailed edit of Triple Concerto: III (page 37), begin that of The Decameron - Second Day: VI (1-3) and rendezvous with the

Theoreticians for Quiz 4, featuring musical examples drawn from early organum, the Orkney Islands, Latin lyrics, Leonin, Perotin, Richard Coeur de Lion, Guillame de Machaut, and Conrad Paumann.

After lingering with students passing off quizzes





Menlo Park and the U.S. Geological Survey, purchasing maps of Nevada (Washoe City, featuring the 431 downslope north of Mt. Rose... lamentably, the out-of-stock maps of this state are not to be replaced, instead their distribution will be out of Colorado... how convenient...) and California (Butterfly Peak... the southern end of the San Jacintos re the Pacific Crest Trail, just north of the Palms-to-Pines Highway).

Complete a grand circle of the Bay,

north through San Mateo, San Francisco,

and Marin

(the Golden Gate



Waldo Tunnel,



ducking inland through Larkspur and Ross, checking the post box, grading papers at Celia's,

Big Rock Ridge,

Pacheco Pass) ---

east to Sonoma and


(Poverty Hills,

Central and


Lagoon Mountains,

Cherry Glen Ridge), for yet again two more newly-composed pages (25-26) of The Decameron - Second Day: VII.