September 21 - Color and Talea

Home most of the day with Harriet, more study of the Varese Octandre score (pages 7-8), doing the detail-edit of The Decameron - Second Day: VII (1-4),

as well as general catch-up, noting with delight that the Blogspot Interface Update, which as of today is now mandatory, now retains the ability to date via typing (which had been disasterously eliminated initially) -- so, Hallelujah!

Head out,

in the dramatic evening light, on errands, primarilly to provide H with change for her sell-a-thon tomorrow, then compose two more pages of DSD: IX (through 16 thus far) and finish the pdf for Missa California: Sanctus (8 pages total).  Ann checks in from BAM, where Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach is again being revived, as do Bette and George, back from Ocean City, MD.  By now, have reached Peter Tchaikovsky in The New Grove Dictionary of Music (1980), so it seems high time to add the Symphonies 1, 4, 5, and 6 to the expected iTunes playlist.