September 3 - Labor Of Luck

Lovely day at home with Harriet, 21st-Century Music update, pdf'ing Missa California: Gloria (13), detail-editing Triple Concerto: III (27) and The Decameron - Second Day: V (17-8), and plenteous filing / reorganization of the adjunct library -- much while taking in Ken Burns's

The Civil War (1990),

featuring George Frederick Root's

Battle Cry of Freedom (1862, "Yes, we'll rally round the flag, boys") -- known for the past 45 years or so by present company, thanks to its multiple usages in the works of Charles Ives, but never by name until googling "Civil War songs" and almost immediately hearing it at the top of the first website reached.  Evening bike break to mail regrets to the jury conscriptors, turning it into an outing with H.