September 17 - Light and Shadows from the Phantasmagorical Garden

Pdf of Missa California: Sanctus (page 4) before winging it under sunny skies just inland of


to Diablo Valley College for Week 5 with the Theoreticians: Triadic Harmony with examples from the Renaissance, including Louis Borgeoise's Old Hundredth (the first two phrases) for Dictation / Keyboard-Solfege / Board Harmony, plus Chords in C Major and A Minor, the latter scale in Natural and Harmonic configurations, as well as D Ionian... followed once again by imaginative student work, continuing in this first round of compositions.

Blitz homeward thereafter,

via the splendors of the





(including the

the Lagoon


and errands, to do detail-edit The Decameron - Second Day: VI (pages 13-15) and produce the parts for Triple Concerto: II, part of this work multi-tasked over dinner with Harriet, as we take in

Joan Didion's Up Close and Personal (1996, troped on the life of Jessica Savitch).  Conference call with Erling and company re the San Francisco Composer's Chamber Orchestra's upcoming concert, the upshot of which calls for the press release to be written tomorrow.  Among other issues in this regard: the number of pieces on the program, and a theme for same.  Late evening is given over to composition re DSD: IX, pages 7-8.