September 4 - All the Relations

Finish the pdf of Missa California: Gloria (14 pages total) before making the

leap to

Diablo for Week 3 with the Theoreticians: D Dorian and Minor, E Phrygian, and Dictation/Keyboard-Solfege/Board Harmony (Medievally in 5ths) on Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9: IV (Ode to Joy theme).











telephotographic 680 /


corridor to assist Harriet in getting some standard automobilic maintenance, and doing more detailed edits for Triple Concerto (28) and The Decameron - Second Day: V (9-10).  Also deal with some Jerry Goldsmith music and visuals, a.k.a. The Man from Uncle: Episode 15 The Deadly Double Affair,

intrigued to find that the populous, overdeveloped, coastal planic (local record: three constructions like this in two sentences) commuter corridor between New York and Washington, DC, is deserted, desertic (Spanish Inquisitionishly four...), and

mountanic (five, with an seemingly and Amish/Mennonite living in a mansion -- so much for the plain people -- and talking in a nice Germanic idiom anticipating Yoda), as can be wished only in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

The day ends on a much more serious note, as we learn that Marek has been hospitalized on the way south from Seattle.  Harriet picks up Tisha at the Oakland Airport, delivering her to the new domicile, and returns home to keep abreast of any developments.