September 14 - By Increments and Bounds

After all the months using the program, finally learn how to beam flagged notes across barlines in Finale.  As usual, not intuitive, but at least learned.  In other news: update of 21st-Century Music, begin the pdf for Missa California: Sanctus and do the entire one for Amazing Joseph: III (17 pages total), detail-edit Triple Concerto: III (page 38) and The Decameron - Second Day: VI (4-6), finish the composition and record DSD: VII (through 30), same for VIII. The Count of Antwerp Goes into Exile (suspiciously as Joseph above), and begin IX. Bernabo of Genoa, Deceived by Ambrogiuolo, Commands His Innocent Wife Be Put to Death (first 2 sheets, troped on the beginning of Giuseppe Verdi's Otello).

Somewhere in there, dinner with Harriet on the newly glorified sunporch and the bike/pool/spa regime in the

setting phototelemetry.