May 31 - Play It Again

Another year for the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra,

now celebrating our 10th anniversary, and much of the day is given over to all matters SFCCO, after dispensing with the days pdf and compositional activities (Crystal Series 15 and Psalm 97 8).  Make ready parts and score for both Igor Stravinsky's Greeting Prelude and Mark Alburger's Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp ("Family") ---






work-a-day / magical


down / up / over


beauteous / bounteous / bustling

freeways to

Lick-Wilmerding School for rehearsal of

John Beeman - Collage

Sheli Nan - "Saga" Overture

Michael Kimbell - Concertino for Clarinet

William Severson - The Mystic Trumpeter

Martha Stoddard - Points of Reference

Samuel Ostroff - Academy

John Cage - 4'33"

Igor Stravinsky - Greeting Prelude

Mark Alburger  - Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp ("Family")

Davide Verotta - Solar Wind II

Home late, as is Harriet from a Weill performance, but finish an 11th-hour request for a last-year student's recommendation, posted in the dead of night.