May 29 - Leaps of Faith

Happy 25th birthday to the adventurous Crystal, about to leap ahead to Harvard Divinity School.

As she is booked for another all-day adventure,

the best we can do is follow suit (albeit quite modestly) with a little outing of our own,


seemingly for the first time in five or more years to local Lagoon Valley Park (the been-there-done-that of the intervening years having taken us mostly to the Pacific, farther-afield Coast Ranges, and the Sierra).


parking the car with Harriet,

we proceed

down the south shore


then the north of this artificially enhanced marshland

(whose negligent maintenance embodies the town council's indifference to precious open space, as the governing body is hellbent to destroy the lower half of the valley in development, which, to this point, has been spared only by indifferent economic times),

surrounded by

impressive prominences.

Homeward thereafter to do the next pdf (Crystal Series, page 13) and compositional (Psalm 97 6) work.