May 12 - Not Exactly What We Expected

Harriet's car has developed some sort of key problem, so we take t'other (which requires major re-organization to pick up performers anon) jointly to her rehearsal (rather than the luxury of rendezvousing later).  Crystal Philippi is on time at the Berkeley Bart pickup, but no Michelle,

so H and C are transported to Chamber Arts,

followed by a return for the later connection.

After dropping M off (she's not due for staging until later, anyway),

cannot resist heading

into the Hills,

swinging along

Grizzly Peak Boulevard

all the way to the

Pony Rides (reminiscing of those early years with Crystal Elizabeth),

then back via the

Merry-Go-Round and Steam Trains,





 returning down Claremont Canyon

to the wrap-up of the

Kurt Weill Happy End practice.

From here,

south to Harriet's sister's student




we have been enticed under suspicious pretexts.

Make the best of the situation however, which concludes (at least for our part) with an impressive Chinese banquet.

Home via absent landmarks

to eventually do page 10 of the pdf to Duo Sonata No. 2 and composition of Psalm 96 (system 3), plus more work on The Decameron (101).  Somewhere after return, caravan with Harriet to the Dealership, seemingly determining that she simply needs a key replacement.