May 2 - Curves Out of the Blue

General recap with the Theoreticians, then some engaging compositions from same, concluding with an impromptu (on demand) mnemonic rendition of the first five movements of The Twelve Fingers, to positive reception.  Adjourning to the lab, finish Tritone-Orchestra recording the final three Psalms of the Op. 197, Book III series:

Psalm 87 "God Built His Town on the Hill" (chorale-transformation of Hovhaness's Symphony No. 2 "Mysterious Mountain")

Psalm 88 "I Have Cried Day and Night Before You" (asymmetrical synthetic modal counterpoint after Mahler's Symphony No. 9)

Psalm 89 "I Will Sing of the Mercy" (blues-minimalist funk on Handel's Coronation Anthem No. 4)

Return northeastward to conclude the pdf of Merton Songs (82 pages total) and continue compostion of The Decameron (page 91) and Psalm 94 (system 7).