May 1 - At Last, at First


Four bars of music -- melody and/or harmony -- make it interesting and/or beautiful and/or fun


Write about one of your favorite pieces (name of composer/performer and piece).
What makes it great?  Use our typical vocabulary -- in at least a 5-sentence paragraph.

Listening Identification / Description:

8947 John Adams - The Chairman Dances
8951 Sting - Every Breath You Take
8957 Mark Alburger - Camino Real: Block 9
8957 Tan Dun - Ghost Opera
8958 Erling Wold - Sub Pontio Pilato: Credo
8958 Prince - Darling Nikki


That's the end of the day,

proceeding with the class in preparation for Quiz 13 (Terry Riley through Roger Waters),

to a concluding rendezvous with Owen and company, and an impossible pdf for Merton Songs 81, plus composition of The Decameron 90 and sixth system re Psalm 94.

The morning starts with completion of the press release for the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra's 10th-Anniversary Gala, followed by the flowery/sunny commute,

and the last day of regular theory presentations,

with Sting's King of Pain for dictation, keyboard-solfege, and board harmony.




prepare for the evening's festivities,






past a parade.

Unusual beginning of the day with Harriet, but all ends resoundingly well...