October 29 - Progressions

With Hurricane Sandy making landfall in New Jersey, call Bette and George, Sorrel Ann, and Crystal to see how all are faring.  Locally, Week 11 for the Theoreticians, Chord Cycles, but beginning Voice-Leading early, with Richard Rodgers's The Sound of Music: Do-Re-Mi for Dictation, Keyboard-Solfege, and Board Harmony.

Returning speedily, rendezvous with Harriet for an afternoon of congeniality, heading out again later on multiple errands including

the return of the new earbuds (Apple has perfected the art of planned obsolescence),

supply runs

to three 

enterprises, and

further troubadour



U.C. Davis.

Desperately in need of the Provencal words to William IX of Aquitaine's Farai un vers, pos mi sonelh and the translation of Bertran de Born's Rassa tan creis, find all the volumes used last time not reshelved (a persuasive argument for the usual behavior in this regard, in explicably ignored in the recent past) and further volumes either not helpful or present.

Finally, do an end run to the wilds of the back fourth floor, into the literature section at last locating both (will have to make do, however, with the suspect version of WIXA, since no other variants are forthcoming).

Return -- finding, for the first time in the 12 years at this residence, Halloweeny decorations, courtesy of Marek --  to compose the Bertran Rassa: 11 pages, through-composed, perhaps the least-likely setting thus far, and recording all with the Garishtone Ensemble.  Somewhere in here, composition of The Decameron - Third Day: Novel IV (page 10) and pdf re Lot in Life: III Parking's Lot's Wife (concluding this, with 8 pages total).