October 25 - Cleans Up Well



College again:

feverishly printing out and delivering Quiz 10 to the Theoreticians, with musical examples drawn from George Gershwin, Kurt Weill, Sergei Prokofiev, and Anton Webern.  Lab time thereafter, making Tritone / Garishtone recordings of The Decameron - Second Day: Novels II. Rinaldo d'Asti Is Robbed and III. Allesandro Falls in with an Abbott.

Bit of a delay, 

but eventually through the Caldecott to

Allan Crossman's for a Goat Hall Fresh Voices XIII


then homeward through the moonish-sunlit wilds of


Albany, et. al., doing the pdf of Lot in Life: III (page 4), composing The Decameron - Third Day: IV. "Dom Felice Has a Good Time with Fra Puccio's Wife"(6) and Variation V of Mairzy Variations.

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