October 16 - Anything You Want, Maybe

Somewhere in here, have finished Volume 18 (Spiridion to Tin Whistle) of The New 

Grove Dictionary of Music (1980) and gone on to 19 (Tiomkin to Virdung).



Diablo Valley College on another glorious day to rendezvous with the

Theoreticians re harmony a la first-period Igor Stravinsky, with excerpts from The Firebird, Petrushka, and The Rite of Spring -- Dictation / Board Harmony on the former's Finale, video excerpts from all, plus Bb and Eb Minor Scales, the chord progression CM7 - C -  C/E - G/G - G7 - C, and imaginative compositional work, approaching the end of Round 2.


course for page 3 Pdf of Lot in Life: II. Lotsa Luck and composition re The Decameron - Third Day: III - "A Lady Induces a Booby Friar to Provide a Means to the Entire Gratification of her Passion", plus dinner-and-a-movie (The Boscombe Valley Mystery from  

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, 1927 / 1984) with Harriet.