October 27 - Troubadour


Troubadour Songs:
II. Marcabru (c. 1100-1150)
    L'autrier jost una sebissa (The other day beside a hedge)

setting verses 10-11...

"Sir, a man pressed by madness
Swears and pledges and guarantees:
Thus you would do me homage,
Sir," so said to me the country girl;
"But I, for a cheap entrance fee,
Do not want to exchange my virginity
For the name of a whore."

"Young girl, every creature
Reverts to its nature;
We should prepare to form a couple,
You and I, country girl,
Under cover beside the pasture,
For you will be in greater safety there
To do the sweet thing."

Also finish Mairzy Variations, with variants VI, VII, and VIII -- plus composition of The Decameron - Third Day: IV. "Dom Felice Has a Good Time with Fra Puccio's Wife" (8, awful lot of moving and shaking in these various texts...) and Pdf of Lot in Life: III (page 6)... on a day where video-to-audio conversion is accomplished offline via the

Real Player Converter, rather than various online sites of not-totally-reliable experience.

Inspired by this, take time to picturefy some of the early music selections in iTunes -- this and other endeavors while taking in a bit of the Giants third-win-and-second-shut-out World Series progression, plus further divertisements in email and realtime.

Late, prepare the score of 24 Preludes and Fugues: Praludium XI. Mairzy Doats (Op. 162, No. 11b) (2008), in consort with the aforesaid Variations.