October 13 - Light, Dark

Winter is kept

at bay

(possibly at Bay, too, although, actually San Francisco makes in up into the 70's, too), with the return of temperate numbers in the afternoon, along with brilliant blue skies -- while more catch-up, musically [including creating a Garishtone version of Alejandro Sills's Call Drop Blues +

Pdf Lot in Life: I  (concluding this, with 17 pages total)
Detail-edit Decameron - Third Day: I (19)
Compose D-TD: II (7)]

and otherwise, is accomplished over the course of day and night. 

In the evening, bike off to the pool / spa,

returning for a triple bill with Harriet, of

Mao's Last Dancer (2009),

Dark Passage (1947), and

Dark Victory (1939).

Now at 777 MB (75.89%) of the 1024 MB of blogspace, with only about 2 weeks two spare -- usage has way-upped since the Sony Cybershot acquisition and the relaxation of the c. 50 KB per picture limit... have relaxed to c. 200.  So, will have to tighten the situation up a bit to, say, 100....