October 17 - Busy Day, Just Spent



Diablo Valley College for Week 9 Review with the Theoreticians, blitzing through most the rest of the wonderful

Composition 2's from the Theoreticians, plus Edgar Varese's Octandre and Mark Alburger's Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp (first movement through the development, plus excerpts from the second and third), as previews to the up-and-coming San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra's Adventures Around the Lake with a Unicorn show on October 20, at Old First Church.

Return to catch up with grading vis a vis both Theory and History, but still a challenge re the latter,




increasingly early evening darkness to take the

Music Historians through Romantic paces from Richard Wagner through Scott Joplin, looking ahead to the early 20th Century.

C Whole-Tone Scale:

C D E F# G# A# C

C Chords:
C Augmented (C-E-G#)
C Major (C--E-G)
C Minor (C-Eb-G)
C Diminished (C-Eb-Gb)

Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971):
Russian - Ballets
Neoclassic - Ballets, Concertos, Operas, Symphonies
Serial - Ballets, Memorial Pieces

[8872] Ralph Vaughan Williams - Symphony No. 8: I
[8874] Charles Ives - Symphony No. 4: II
[8874] Arnold Schoenberg - Pierrot Lunaire: VIII. Black Moths
[8881] Bela Bartok - Piano Conerto No. 1: I
[8882] Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring: Dances of the Adolescents
[8883] Anton Webern - Cantata No. 1: I


Late night,  page 4 Pdf of Lot in Life: II. Lotsa Luck and composition re The Decameron - Third Day: III - "A Lady Induces a Booby Friar to Provide a Means to the Entire Gratification of her Passion"

Home late, find that Marek has arrived as refugee from San Francisco.

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