October 24 - Take This

C [Lydian] Blues Scale:
C Eb F [F#] G Bb C

Write Your Own 12-Tone Row:
Chromatic Scale in a Unique Mixed-Up Order

Typical Chord Pattern for 12-Bar Blues:
I (bars 1-4)

IV (bars 5-6) V (7-8)
V (bar 9) IV (10) I (11-12)

[8885] Alban Berg - Wozzeck: Act I, Scene III - Lullaby and March
[8890] Jelly Roll Morton - Dead Man Blues
[8895] Carl Orff - Carmina Burana: O Fortuna
[8897] Henry Cowell - The Banshee
[8898] George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
[8899] Francis Poulenc - Double Piano Concerto: I


Third day of Camelot

(N.B. however, that this is an rahther English paradise --

cool and wet, still hoping we can return to a little more summery-70-and-above conditions before the rainy season settles in for good), 

again under dazzling skies to 


Valley College,

reviewing Week 10 material with the Theoreticians, including several contrapuntal/harmonic examples from George Gershwin, followed by embarking on the adventures of

Composition 3's

in earnest.







afternoon (Harriet on a job, but Marek -- who has rented a car in preparation re upcoming work -- around) for plentious paper-grading (still behind, however) and

re-embark for the

night class, proceeding from Ralph Vaughan Williams through Edgar Varese and Anton Webern.  Later endeavors include Lot in Life: III (page 3) pdf, and composing The Decameron - Third Day: IV. "Dom Felice Has a Good Time with Fra Puccio's Wife" (5, being a rather comic-crude trope of the J.S. Bach B Minor Mass: Gloria - Crucifixus), plus the complete Troubadour Songs: V. Guiraut de Bornelh - Reis glorios, which comes out as a rather nice hetero/polyphonal evocation.