August 31 - Doors Open in Three Seconds

Standard medical check-up at the unstandard hour of 8:45am, local but not without a few directional/logistical challenges, two 1984-style TV's (seemingly permanently on, as in bus stations and, now, of course, airports),

but things look up with the sunny staff and

examination room,

the former including angelic Dr. Marsha Alexander, who provides sympathetic care and understanding, and relieves a great burden. 

The rest of the day is easy going -- Samuel Beckett's Clov, "When I fall I'll weep for happiness" -- with pdf of Missa California: Gloria (10), detail-edit of Triple Concerto: III (24), beginning the composition of The Decameron - Second Day: V. Andreuccio da Perugia Meets with Three Serious Adventures in One Night (first two pages).