August 23 - The Way Is Clear, Maybe

Off into the sun and fog

at the end of the

first week with the


Quiz 1 featuring excerpts from undated and ancient music of Egypt, Senegal, and China. 

After the festivities, who should walk through the door but Carol, for our long-awaited tutorial on Finale and Cubase, followed by lunch. 




homefront, touch base with Harriet before she's off for the Mozart performance at

Berkeley Arts Festival, and -- after doing pdf of Missa California: Gloria (page 2), detailed-edit of Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp: III (16), and beginning the composition of The Decameron - Second Day: Novel IV - Landolfo Ruffolo Turns Corsair and Is Shipwrecked (the first two pages) --








a half-hour early to provide assistance, which amounts to search-and-rescuing some change for the box office. 

In the process,

have the portable bike back tire replaced at Mike's Bikes,

and pick up dinner for both of us at the intervening curbside Brazilian establishment -- delicious! 

So is the show: an ambitious and successful one featuring excerpts from  The Magic Flute, Abduction from the Seraglio, 

The Marriage of Figaro, 

Don Giovanni, and  

Cosi fan tutte, with

Sarita Cannon,

Daron Flagg,

Michelle Jasso,

Zoltan DiBartolo,

Eliza O'Malley,

Harriet March Page,

Letitia Page,

Nikola Printz,

Branislav Radakovic, and

Frank Johnson.