August 3 - Alarming Charming Illumination

Harriet out on a job, the re-establishment of order after houseguests seemingly never ending, after which detailed edit of Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp: II (page 15), pdf re Songs for Rebecca (3), editing some rock videos,



to another

Goat Hall Productions Board Meeting (the weather turning briskly nostalgically Marin-summer-late-afternoonlikely cooler),

with planning for the 2013 season,

including The Cop and the Anthem and The Decameron - First Day.

Home late, but time enough to post  

Mary Variations, Op. 28, at the

International Music Score Library Project, the pdf linkage of the 16 movements having taken place as well over the course of the day.

Also note that yesterday's Aerial Requiem posting has been welcomely edited (possibly by the good Carolus), including a delineation of the movements on the work page,

with cataloguing same on a variety of lists

(the advantage of an early alphabetic title

abundantly clear).