August 15 - Works

Finish the ASCAP Plus Awards application, in a sense started on June 30 -- the original deadline that was rolled back to September 1.  With all the 2011 compositions registered around that time, what remained was to arrange for direct deposit and fill out the revised form, including online versions of the standard

recordings and

perfomance notices.  Also post

Merton Songs at the

International Music Score Library Project, and realize later that it will be necessary to follow up with New Directions.  Other typical labors include pdf of Songs for Rebecca (12), detailed edit of Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp: III (8), and the daily 21st-Century Music update,

on a day that features the first high temp below the century mark in more than a week.

Bike up to the pool and spa with Harriet in the evening, encountering watchful pairs of eyes on the way.  Return home to link the pdf's of Duo Sonata No. 2 ("Wasatch") for posting at IMSLP.