December 3 - Spring Fall

Glorious morning sun,

down to

Diablo Valley College,

for the second week of

Music Theory Student Teaching,

with Dictation from Ivan and Board Harmony with Cheng Chieh.

Afternoon thereafter with Carol, first lunch at Carrows,

returning to school for conference and paperwork,

off to petrol and


followed by cosmetics.

Returning to the car, notice a potential problem below the hood,

so hie to an area Toyota for investigative work,

along with standard maintenance.  Pleased to note that the local dealer now offers loaners, taking advantage of this and heading home for a wonderful evening with

Harriet, including a video outing to the library, pdf of Spectral Preludes: V. Red plus composition for Double Piano Concerto: III (5) and The Decameron - Third Day: VII. "Tedaldo Elisei Delivers the Husband of Monna Ermellina from Peril of Death" (7), and

the first two episodes of Inspector Morse (1975/1986).