December 13 - Through the Air, Darkly

A day of catch-up with Harriet, finishing up Legacy: The Origins of Civilization, with 2. India, 3. China, 4. Egypt,  alongside Spectral Preludes: IX. Blue pdf (3) and composition of Double Piano Concerto: III (15).

We head out for another walk (third of a series) on the

Alamo Creek Bike Path,

now west of Tulare,

in the evening light,

swinging by the


for more

video enrichment, the return home to take in LOC: 5. Mesoamerica and 6. "Barbarians of the West", plus

Bright Young Things (2003, after Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies, 1930), in counterpoint to composing The Decameron - Third Day: VII (17).