July 8 - High

Up above 8000 feet by nightfall, the day beginning with all the typical tasks: update of 21st-Century Music, composition of pages 4 and 31 respectively of Psalm 100 and The Decameron - Second Day, orchestration re Violin Concerto page 74 (finishing the first movement), and pdf for San Timoteo Can[yon]tata (18) + post Suite ("Sol[ar]"): X. Neptune on Facebook, with Xavier Guerero, Susan Hauslein, and Elaine Wilson checking hin with positive sentiments.

Harriet, Tisha, and Claire out in Oakland for the day -- and eventually follow semi-suit, though in the opposite direction, across the Sacramento Valley,

up into the Sierra Foothills in Auburn to late lunch at Tio Pepe's,

grading about 1/2 of the Baroque quizzes.

Back in the car,

past the Ravine,

all the familiar sites including Gold Run,

Bear Valley,


Burned Ridge,

Yuba Gap /

Canyon /

Pass /


Big Bend,


Ridge and



Donner Grade /

Cliffs /

Peak /


Truckee and



Brockway Summit into the Tahoe Basin,

over the

Nevada border,

Crystal Bay and

Incline Village,

ascending Route 431 to

last Sunday's endpoint:

Fairview Boulevard, at 7400'.

From here,

walk upslope,

to Hairpin View,

curving around

to ascend

to views

of Carson Range


Rose Ridge,

to the aforementioned height,

ending up a

bit above that,

where the crestwalk will turn into a high valley ascent.

In the auto once more to Mt Rose Summit, for a last panorama before nightfall, then head downslope toward Reno, curving north and ultimately west for a midnight return.