July 2 - There's More

The Renaissance is upon us in Music Literature,




morning, writing up a combined review of the Kurt Weill Happy End and John Adams Nixon in China after class, and eventually proceeding the

Walnut Creek Apple Store to see what can be done about Harriet's (the original 2007) MacBook which has been booting up with the rainbow-wheel-of-death.  The answer from Dave:  a drastic one -- a Monty Pythonesque "start again", reinstalling the operating system (the booby prize is that at least it's an upgrade), purging the computer of all files and added programs (such as that pretty essential Word... so strange that Apple has nothing comparable built-in).  She is buddhistically pragmatic about it all (learning about the situation through a phone call).

The whole process takes a couple of hours,

so with that amount of time to linger,

head over to the local Library,

adjacent to the city's namesake stream,

to continue to work on matters computerly (with the 2009 machine) in the meantime.

Returning, the work has been done promptly, and, consolation award II, there's no charge,

heading homeward to Harriet, Tisha, and Claire for seafood and surprises...