July 6 - Under and Out

Harriet, Tisha, and Claire out to San Francisco for the day, while the first video in months is done -- X. Neptune, from Suite ("Sol[ar]") -- plus a lot of catch-up re 21st-Century Music (the June and August 2012 issues) and the day's composition, orchestration, and pdf labours...

Psalm 100 (page 2) -- a combination plate of the Ives and Bernstein settings
The Decameron - Second Day: II. Rinaldo d'Asti Is Robbed (29) - after Stravinsky's Symphony in C
Violin Concerto ("Ticlkish") (72)
San Timoteo Can[yon]tata (16)

Out briefly in the afternoon for errands, and evening for a pool run (bike, actually), in the slightly refurbished commons.